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Paw & Hand T-Shirt [Colored]

Paw & Hand T-Shirt [Colored]

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It's pawsome, isn't it?!

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Show off your love for cats in a colorful and stylish way!

Be reminded of the unconditional love and affection that cats bring into our lives.

The human hand and the cat paw symbolize the bond between us and our feline friends.

You'll be the cat's meow in this stylish and unique one-of-a-kind tee. 

Made in the USA

GET YOURS NOW! And remember: "All Hail Kitty!"

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Our Cause

Every item we sell helps you show your love of cats and a portion of all sales goes to various cat charities around the world, such as Alley Cat Allies, EveryCat Health Foundation, International Cat Care and many more.

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