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Personalized Royal Cat Portraits

Personalized Royal Cat Portraits

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Introducing our regal cat portraits, meticulously crafted to celebrate the sovereign of your domicile - your most esteemed feline companion. Your cat, the divinely chosen ruler of your abode, unquestionably deserves a portrait that is nothing short of a royal masterpiece.

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Our skilled artists shall take the visage of your beloved fur-child and transform it into a majestic work of art. Behold as your cat's countenance is gracefully immortalized on canvas, capturing their regality with the utmost care and precision. This opulent portrait shall pay homage to their divine right to rule your household with a velvet paw.

Imagine, if you will, the awe-inspiring sight of your cat, adorned in the resplendent finery befitting a king or queen, as they command their loyal subjects - the human minions who serve them with utmost adoration and unwavering loyalty. With every whisker meticulously detailed and each gleaming eye captured in its full glory, this portrait shall be a testament to their unassailable reign.

Rest assured, your cat's purr-sonality shall shine through in every brushstroke, as our artists capture the essence of their royal bearing. No detail shall be spared in order to create a true furr-amily heirloom.

So, dear cat connoisseur, why not grant your beloved feline the honor they so richly deserve? Bestow upon them the gift of a custom royal portrait that shall forever serve as a reminder of their unquestionable sovereignty. Indeed, your home shall be utterly transformed by the regal presence of your very own King or Queen of the castle, forever immortalized in a lavish and resplendent work of art.

  • Turn your cat into a beautiful one-of-a-kind beautiful Royal artwork of 18th Century England
  • Chuckle and smile every time you see your cat's royal portrait
  • Immortalise your cat in a stunning masterpiece that you can cherish for a lifetime
  • Make your friend or partners year with the purrrfect gift that they'll adore
  • Have your friends gasp "aww, oh my god, and where can i get one!" in amazement at the spectacle that is your royal cat.
  • Personalise "All Hail Kitty" into All Hail "insert your kitty's name"!

Pawduct Details

  • Special one-of-a-kind product
  • Every design we create is 100% unique
  • Made with never-fade, last-furever ink
  • beautiful stylised illustration of your royal cat
  • Hang easily with already attached hooks
  • Sturdy hardwood frames in black or walnut
  • Gallery standard, 1.25” premium canvas
  • Backed by our All Hail Kitty guarantee
  • Friends to appreciate your royal masterpiece not included

(*NOTE: For customers outside the USA only black frames are available.)

All Hail Kitty Royal Guarantee

We will provide you with 3 different designs from the 3 photos that you provide us. Every design we create is completely 100% unique and we will work with you until you are fully satisfied. If we can't create something that you're 100% happy with we will offer a full refund. We know how important it is to make sure your portrait is as perfect as your royal sire of a cat! Once your personalised design has been sent out for printing, refunds will not be available. For more information on our personalized royal cat artwork refund policy click here. 

Shipping & Delivery 

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Our Cause

Every item we sell helps you show your love of cats and a portion of all sales goes to various cat charities around the world, such as Alley Cat Allies, EveryCat Health Foundation, International Cat Care and many more.

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Customer Reviews

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Darren Marshall
🐾 Love this 🐾

What a fantastic idea and what a result…! The print quality is out of this world and the wooden framing finish makes it so so nice to look at.

A lovely way to look at my beautiful little kitty.

Super simple set up. Uploaded a few pictures to the website and within a few days had 3 designs to choose from.

Within a week I had the final product. Quick free delivery.

Very happy with the final result and Coco loves it!