About Us

Welcome to All Hail Kitty!

We created this brand because we believe that cats are awesome and dudes who love cats deserve cool products that reflect their unique style. (as do their female friends and family!)

Here is a short list of why cats should inspire you to express positive masculine traits because even though they are cute and cuddly, they have much more masculine traits that the fairer sex would care to admit.

A Stoic Attitude - They’ll be very chill most of the time, and don’t waste their time on things that don’t matter. With an air of cool detachment & independence they often keep their own counsel, prefering to observe rather than engage.

Confidence - Many cats exude a sense of self-assurance and independence. They can take charge of a situation, explore their surroundings fearlessly, and exhibit a "don't mess with me" attitude.

Strength & Agility: Cats are athletic creatures that can run, jump, and climb with impressive speed and agility. They have powerful muscles that allow them to hunt and defend themselves effectively, which are a symbol of physical strength and resilience.

Loyalty: While often seen as aloof, cats are fiercely loyal to their family and are protective of their homes and territories. 

Providers - They are lightning fast, fit, strive to get what they want, and they’ll lovingly provide you food from their hunt because in their eyes; you suck at hunting.

Protect When Necessary - Cats are chill and don’t react emotionally to whats going on in their environment, unless they feel it directly threatens them or a loved one.

Balls Of Steel - They’ll literally fight off a bear or an aligator. Badass!

If there are any issues with your product just send an email to: hello@allhailkitty.com and we’ll fix it.