5 Reasons Why Cats Deserve to be Treated Like Royalty

5 Reasons Why Cats Deserve to be Treated Like Royalty

Cats have been living with humans for over 10,000 years, and they have definitely earned their reputation as royalty.

In ancient Egypt they were worshiped daily. I basically do that same thing with my cat Nina. (That's her in the photo). She was partly the inspiration behind this store. She has a big tuff of fur under her neck that looks like her fur is a royal coat. Adorable!

Here are 5 reasons why cats deserve to be treated like royalty:

  1. They keep us company: Cats are great companions, always ready to snuggle up and keep us company. They are also great at sensing our moods and can provide emotional support when we need it. How many times have you been down and had your day brightened by the cute face of your cat? Imagine if we didn't get that pleasure? Life would be much more empty.

  2. They are independent: Unlike dogs, cats are pretty self-sufficient creatures. They don't need to be walked or taken outside to go to the bathroom, making them a great option for people with busy lifestyles. Just don't be too busy and forget that your cat needs attention too! 

  3. They are great at pest control: Cats are natural hunters, and their hunting instincts make them great at keeping rodents and other pests at bay. In fact, cats were originally domesticated because they were great at controlling the rodent population in human settlements. Nothing like having an efficient killer machine on your side! Plus they're fluffy!

  4. They are clean: Cats are notoriously clean animals, spending a significant portion of their day grooming themselves. There is nothing worse than having messy room mates. Thankfully cats are pretty clean. Apart from when they break our things pushing things over... Awww we love 'em... 

  5. They are cute!!! Let's face it, cats are adorable. From their fluffy tails to their curious personalities, they always make us smile. 

They are so many reasons why cats are the best, but these are the 5 that stick out to me.

Don’t get the wrong end of the stick, I like dogs too.

But cats have always had the strongest connection to my heart. They're something so magical and wise about them. I could watch them all day.

Have a great day with your furry friend!

And remember: All Hail Kitty!

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